CS285 -- Lab 1: EventTime Class

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Fall 2002

Each student should complete this lab individually.

Objectives Addressed

No course objectives are addressed by this assignment. It's purpose is to serve as a prerequisite assessment.


This laboratory was developed by Dr. Chris Taylor.


Implement the EventTime described in EventTime.h, and create a test program that thoroughly tests the class implementation.

At a minimum, your class should be able to read in event times in the formats found in the dates.txt file.

This class will be used in future lab projects.

Lab report (due 11:00pm, the day prior to week 3 lab)

Your lab report should be an independent document. That means that someone should be able to understand what you did and why without seeing anything other than your report. Your report should include:

  • Purpose.
  • Test plan (a description of your testing).
  • The Documented source code for your program.
  • A summary of your activity log indicating how much time you spent on the assignment (following the template provided in the lab1.xml template document). Please use the following categories:
    • Design
    • Coding
    • Debug (before you think it's working)
    • Test (after you think it's working)
    • Documentation
    • Other
  • Analysis and Conclusions
  • Any suggestions you have for how the lab could be improved.

As with any report you submit, correct spelling and grammar are required. In addition, your report should be submitted electronically following the Electronic submission guidelines. (You may wish to consult the sample report before submitting your report.) Be sure to keep copies of all your files, in case something gets lost. It may be wise to keep a diskette backup as well.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to save your program for future use. We will be using this assignment in next week's lab assignment.

Your grade will depend on quality of design, clarity of code and documentation, as well as whether your program produces the correct results. If you have any questions, consult your instructor.

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