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Fall 2002

Objectives Addressed

  • Understand and apply complex data structures and algorithms.
  • Use appropriate algorithms (and associated data structures) to solve complex problems.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the Standard Template Library.
  • Be able to analyze the complexity of algorithms (both sequential and recursive).
  • Be able to use data structures in software design and implementation.
  • Be able to apply the STL in software design.


In this lab, you bring together the functionality from all of the lab assignments this quarter (except for Lab 3). You are required to create a working user interface that will allow a user to access all of the functionality developed in previous lab assignments. You may use a graphical user interface, but you are not required to do so. You may extend the functionality of your program as you see fit. For example, those of you who did the text alignment project in CS-182 may wish to incorporate that here.

Extra credit will be awarded to the team that produces the best email client by the beginning of the last day of class. The best client will be determined by a class vote during the last class meeting in week 10.

Lab report (due 11:00pm, the day prior to the last lecture)

Please use this XML template as a starting point for your report. Your report should include:

  • A brief description of the key features of your user interface including at least two use cases.
  • A summary of your activity log indicating how much time you spent on the assignment (following the template provided in the lab6.xml template document). Please use the following categories:
    • Design
    • Coding
    • Debug (before you think it's working)
    • Test (after you think it's working)
    • Documentation
    • Other
  • A screen shot (just take a screen capture of the console if you choose not to use MFC).
  • Please use 285msoeloginL6.png as the filename (be sure to change msoelogin appropriately).
  • You should create a zip file, named 285msoeloginL6.zip (fix msoelogin) containing the screen capture and all of your project files. (I should be able to unzip the file, load, compile, and run your program.) To save space, please delete the Debug and/or Release subdirectories before zipping up your project.

As with any report you submit, correct spelling and grammar are required. In addition, your report should be submitted electronically following the Electronic submission guidelines. (You may wish to consult the sample report before submitting your report.) Be sure to keep copies of all your files, in case something gets lost. It may be wise to keep a diskette backup as well.

Your grade will depend on quality of design, clarity of code and documentation, as well as whether your program produces the correct results. If you have any questions, consult your instructor.

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