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Fall 2002


In this quiz, you are to demonstrate that you can successfully submit an assignment using the electronic submission guidelines.


Create an account on support forum and post at least one message. Feel free to post in the test forum if you have nothing useful to say.

Write a brief statement (one paragraph) describing why you are in this class and what you expect to learn by the end of the quarter.

Indicate which of the following statements are true:

  1. If a report is due at 11:00pm on Tuesday, the best possible grade I can receive is 80% if I email it to my instructor at 11:05pm on the Wednesday (the day after it was due).
  2. If a student from another section completes a similar lab assignment before I complete mine, it is okay for them to email me a copy of their code in order to give me ideas on how to write mine.
  3. The lowest attempted lab score will be dropped when computing final grades.
  4. If I know of any errors with my source code (e.g., doesn't compile, crashes under certain circumstances, etc.), I am obligated to mention this in my report.
  5. If my instructor does not email me to let me know that he received my lab report, I should assume that he got it. After all, no news is good news.

Then follow the electronic submission guidelines in order to submit your "report" electronically.

This report will serve as your first quiz score.

The report is due by 11:00pm Friday of week 1 though you are encouraged to submit it sooner if you can. If you have any questions, please ask me.

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