GE100 -- Lab 2: Estimation

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Problem Solving Skills and Estimation
Fall 2002


In lab you will work with a partner to solve a set of problems.


Each pair should consist of a talker and a listener. The talker will read the problem statement to the listener and then talk through how they would attempt to solve the problem. The talker should be talking even if they don't know how to solve the problem. The talker should discuss what they know, possible approaches to solving the problem... even if they are not correct, etc... The listener should listen, ask questions to make sure they understand what the talker is saying, and let the talker know if they don't believe something that the talker has said. The listener should not help to solve the problem. Each student will alternate between being the talker and the listener.

Lab memo (due 4:00pm, Friday of week 2)

You should send me a short email message with your partner's name and your reactions to today's lab activities. Was this helpful/useful? What did you learn from it, if anything? How could it have been better? Do you have suggestions for other problems? In addition, you should estimate how much energy would be saved by the residence hall students shortening their showers by one minute. Be sure to explain (in detail) how you made your estimate.

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