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Excel Design Experience
Fall 2002


Each team of 3-5 students will design and create an Excel spreadsheet that will calculate and chart something "interesting".


Each team should select a design project and discuss how each team member will contribute to the project.


Your spreadsheet should have the same flavor as the PSP spreadsheet designed by Dr. Mark Sebern to record data associated with the Personal Software Process. Your project does not need to be as complicated as this, but it should contain some calculations and at least one graph that is dependent upon the input values.

Here are some ideas for potential projects:

Presentation (during week 10 lab)

Projects will be presented during the last lab session. The entire presentation is limited to 15 minutes, and every member of the team must speak. The presentations are formal and team members should dress appropriately. Visual aids (Power Point, videos, models, posters, etc...) are expected. In addition, each team should prepare a handout to be distributed to each class member (instructor included). The handout should be no more than one page (both sides) and should help the audience understand the presentation.

Individual Reports (prior to the start of week 10 lab)

Each team member should submit a 1-2 page summary detailing their perspective on the project. The summary should be typed and include a discussion of:

  • their contribution to the project,
  • how well their team worked together,
  • one "smart" thing that their group did,
  • the most interesting feature of the spreadsheet,
  • what could be improved next time.

In addition, each team member should complete the team evaluation form.

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