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All laboratory reports for courses I teach must be submitted electronically using the following web submission page. The student is responsible for ensuring that each report uploaded correctly by the specified due date.

I will grade the reports, convert them to PDF files, and return them via email to the student. My comments will appear in red. The grade for the assignment is typically found on the last page of the document.

Reports should be in plain ASCII text and should include both the documented source code and the lab discussion. The entire report should consist of one file. This document provides format guidelines for submissions.

Student Identification

The beginning of document should contain the following:

\rhead{Student's name} 
\lhead{Assignment Title} 
\lfoot{Date submitted}
\cfoot{Course Number}

Note: The above contains "lhead" and "lfoot" not "1head" and "1foot" (the letter el, not the number one).

Lab Discussion

  • Text should be single spaced with an extra space between paragraphs.
  • Section titles should be denoted by
    \ctsec{Section Title}.
  • Subsection titles should be denoted by
    \ctssec{Subsection Title}.
  • Subsubsection titles should be denoted by
    \ctsssec{Subsubsection Title}.

Source Code

  • Each source code or header file should have it's own section title with the name of the file.
  • The line immediately preceding the source code listing should contain:
  • The line immediately following the source code listing should contain:
    \end{lstlisting}. (Note: There is no space after end.)
  • Note: That is "lstlisting" not "1stlisting" (the letter el, not the number one).
  • No line in your source code should exceed 100 characters.
  • You may wish to use an automated system for generating the source code listings. The system requires two DOS batch files (code.bat and dump.bat) be present in the directory containing your source code files. You will need to add a list of source filenames to the code.bat batch file. Typing code from the DOS prompt in the source code directory should generate a file called code.txt which contains all of the source code in the appropriate submission format.
  • In addition, your source code should meet my minimum documentation standards.

Program Output

Example program output should have a line that precedes it with: \begin{verbatim} and a line that follows it with: \end{verbatim}. (Note: There is no space after end)

Example Document

Please refer to the example submission for further clarification of the submission format. The graded example submission is provided in order to give you some idea of what your submitted report will look like after it has been graded. The Electronic Submission Toolbox is designed to provide you with the details about how a create the graded reports. Please take a look at it if you are interested in creating PDF versions of your report yourself (so that you can see what it will look like).

Including Graphics

  • At times it may be useful to include graphic images or figures in your reports. These images or figures should be included as separate files and follow these guidelines:
    • Each file should begin with your initials, for example: tcImg1.png
    • Each graph should be in one of the following formats and should end with the appropriate suffix: .pdf, .eps, .png, or .jpg
    • IfranView is a free program that you can use to capture (Capture under the Options menu) and save screen output. It supports a number of different graphics formats including .png and .jpg
    • You may find it useful to download a printer driver from Adobe's website that will allow you to "print" encapsulated postscript (eps) files.
    • Include the graphs within your report using the following command:

PDF Document Viewer

PDF files can be viewed with Adobe's freely available Acrobat Reader.

If you have any questions about this procedure, please let me know.

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