SE1020 -- Lab 3: Debugger Usage


An overview of this assignment, along with some code, is located here.

In class activity

Immediately following the quiz, you will be given an assignment sheet. You must use the debugger to provide answers to the questions on the sheet. The assignment is due at the end of the lab session.

working program to your instructor.

Be prepared to demonstrate to your instructor how to use the debugger to navigate to a particular line of code or obtain the value of a variable at a particular line of code.

In addition, each student should indicate how much time you spend on this assignment in the FAST system. You are encouraged to log your activity as you work on the project. At a minimum, you should log all of the time spent on this assignment before the due date given above. All time spent on this assignment should be entered into the week 3 column.

If you have any questions, consult your instructor.

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