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SE281 -- Software Component Design

Spring 2004

This course deals with the design and implementation of software subsystems. The concept of design patterns is introduced and common patterns are applied to the development of software components. Laboratory projects provide an opportunity for teams of students to implement components and to integrate them into complete systems. (prereq: CS-285, SE-280) (3-2-4)


On successful completion of this course, the student will:

  • understand and apply object-oriented design patterns
  • understand the use of UML in the design process
  • be able to design and implement small software components and systems
  • be able to use computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools in the design process
  • be able to work effectively as a member of a small team
  • be able to do independent research on software design
  • be able to document software design concepts in a written report
  • be able to communicate software design concepts in a brief oral presentation

The above course description and goals were taken from the official course description.

General Course Policies

Please review the general course policies webpage.


Design Patterns: Elementes of Reusable Object-Oriented Software, by E. Gamma, R. Helm, R. Johnson, and J. Vlissides, Addison-Wesley, 1995.

Optional: Visual Modeling with Rational Rose 2000 and UML, by Terry Quatrani, Addison-Wesley, 2000.


Quizzes will be given nearly every week at the beginning of lab. (Note the exceptions for the first three weeks). The lowest quiz score (excluding the Rose quiz) will be dropped. No make-up quizzes (even with a valid excuse) will be given.

My Schedule
Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
8:00 CS183 CC49 CS183(1) CS183 CC49   CS183 CC49
9:00 Admission Team   Office Hour
11:00   Office Hour Lunch w/ Students* Free Hour
12:00 Free Hour Lunch w/ Students* Office Hour
2:00       CFARC SE281(2)
3:00 SE281 CC48 SE281 CC48 SE281 CC48
4:00     Office Hour  

* I would like to have lunch with you individually or as a group to get to know you better. If we eat in RWJ, housing will pick up my lunch bill. If you would prefer to eat elsewhere, we will each be responsible for our own bill. Feel free to suggest another time if the time above does not work for you.

Quizzes: 20%
Lab projects: 45%
Midterm: 15%
Final exam: 20%
Total: 100%

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